Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Tidy Corner

Somehow with the snow and other fun weather we've had around here I lost control of the entryway in our home (well, I wish it was only the entryway - but we'll talk about that later, lol!!)  But the entry was getting to be a terrible disaster - then the shoe rack broke - and with 10 people leaving their shoes there...well, you get the idea.
Ugh...not a good impression when you walk in the house!!!!
So after looking at this mess for a while I put my thinking cap on and came up with a solution:
Better - don't ya think?
I have four baskets - one for hats, mittens and scarves, one for Sunday School shoes, one for Tennis shoes, and one for Boots.  I am hoping the winter gear and boots basket won't be needed for too much longer - I will turn the boots basket around and the tag will say flip flops and sandals (I can't hardly wait!!!)

It was so nice to come out to the living room this morning and see that nice tidy area!!  I do want to come up with some other ways to make that place look pretty but for now the tidiness makes me very happy!!!  Tidy corners and non-mussed places in my home bring me peace!!  Sorta like when my heart is not mussed with ungodly thoughts there is calm in my life!!  You know what I mean?!!!

We are into our fourth week of germs making their presence known in our house!!  Yuck!!  We are kinda going in slow motion - every week another person or two comes down with a fever and a bad cold.  Funny bug that only wants to infect one or two at a time instead of the whole clan at once!!  Oh well, if we have to do this slow motion thing - now is the best time - while the weather is still grey and before wee one has arrived!!!



Fruitful Harvest said...

Very nice! :)
I love love the baskets and tags....so clever!
I so know what you mean about a tidy area and peace....sigh***

I too can't wait for flip flops and warm weather!

Good job pregnant momma....the nesting has set in?? giggle giggle!

Peace and Love,

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh it looks so organized~ great job!
I need to get to my basement soon.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

mommyx12 said...

Looks wonderful. Seems spring cleaning is happening everywhere.

Rockin` Mama said...

love the new tidy corner!!!!!!!!!!! I also have the same baskets and love them.