Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Friends

After several weeks of having a non-working oven and me nearly going crazy not being able to bake much for my family we finally found what we were looking for - a new-to-us oven in good working order!!!
 Yahoo!!!  I am able to bake again - and I sure have been enjoying my new friend in the kitchen!!!
Mmmm and the kids sure have been happy too!!!

 The first bread  made for my family in the new oven - yummy good!!!
 The other new friend is this lovely new-to-us refrigerator we found at a scratch and dent store.  And there certainly are some scratches and dents but it is so nice to have a fridge that fits what we need in it and to have our other old, far too small fridge in the garage to store extra milk and stuff!!!  What a delight!!  We've never had a fridge that makes ice and give us lovely filtered water - oh my - such fun!!!
My weekly menu posted for all to see

Isn't this just the cutest cup ever?!!!!  I found it for a dollar at the local grocery store and fell in love with it's pretty spring cheer.  Since I have had trouble drinking enough water and my puffing ankles are telling me to get going on the fluid intake I decided that this sweet cup would be mine - to cheer me on in the water drinking endeavor.  And it's working - along with the lovely cold water and ice from my new friend I am doing tons better getting that water down!!!  Yahoo for new kitchen friends!!  We are so blessed to have found both of them at very inexpensive prices - love shopping used!!!!  Happy Spring!!



mommyx12 said...

Awesome. Your baked goods look wonderful.

Fruitful Harvest said...

So cool! I too love your cup!
Not to much longer momma....hang in there~ sigh****

I wanted to tell you.....your last blog post made me laugh. My side bar on my blog has a link (with picture) to yours. Seeing the back of your daughters head in her time out for over a week....made me giggle!

Peace and Love,

Valerie said...

Hooray for new kitchen "friends"! So glad to hear that you finally found an oven...you lasted much longer than I would have been able to, my friend! :) Keep drinking that water from your pretty spring glass....so pretty!

Cinnamon said...

So glad you've got a working kitchen again. It's always nice to have something new, even if it's used :-)

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new cup!!

p.s. How are you feeling? We must have a picture of you sometime soon. Betcha look so cute pregnant!