Friday, March 25, 2011

A Sunny Day

We had a sunny day this week - a truly sunny day with warm, yellow sunlight streaming in the windows beckoning me outside.  It was amazing!!!
So out I went with one of my big boys at my side to man the shovel (big belly syndrome, again :0)!!)  My blueberry bush has been lonely all winter so we got busy...
And dug a few holes....
And planted a couple of baby blueberry bushes...someday we will have an abundance of those luscious purple berries right out of our own yard!!!  I can't wait!!!
We also planted a rhubarb crown - oh such a yummy thing to grow - pies, cakes and sauces oh my!!!
What lovely things to do on the rare, sunny, spring day in my neck of the woods!!  Happy Spring!!



Valerie said...

OH I want sunshine for a whole day! I want WARM!!! HOW can you have that being SO close and all we have is rain? :( Send it my way.

Glad you had a wonderfully sunny day...looks great. We LOVE our blueberry bushes and we also have two rhubarb crowns putting on some growth this month too. LOVE it! :)

Fruitful Harvest said...


Us to.....the sun is so nice after such a long winter.

Glad you are having a great day!

Peace and Love,