Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring in the Hen House

My chickens are truly excited about the idea of Spring arriving.  While they do stay dry and warm in their lovely home my hubby built for them - we can't do much about the lack of sunshine around here in the winter.  They are thrilled about the lengthening days!!! 
My hens are doing a great job of eating up the weed seeds and bugs in my yet-to-be planted garden
 This young hen in particular is especially excited about Spring.  She has it in her head that she is going to hatch a few eggs!!  She isn't, as there is no Daddy around (roosters would be most unwelcome to my neighbors!)  But that fact does not stop her from her broody ways.  She has plucked all the feathers off her chest to make the eggs she is sitting on even warmer.
We have to kick her off the nesting box to get to our eggs and to make her eat and drink - silly girl.  I am contemplating getting a chick from the feed store and stuffing it under her wings so she has a baby to care for.
This never fails to give me a thrill - a wonderful source of healthy food for my family!!!
Mmmm mmmm good!!!

During the brief day of sunshine we had I got out and cleaned the food and water dispensers for my ladies - see, nice and clean - do you think they will appreciate it?!!  Next stop at the feed store will give them new straw to scratch in too!!  Spring in the Hen House is always good!!!


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Fruitful Harvest said...

What a nice looking hen house!
Mine is not so new dog We got last July,killed all three of my chickens and my duck. I am not sure when or if we will get more.
This spring? or next? We do plan to up grade our coop fencing and such to keep the dog out. But until it IS done I'm not sure I want to get more chicks just in case the incloser is not ready when the chicks would be big enough to go out side.

Your eggs are lovely!
How many chickens do you have?
What kinds?

I had 1 Rhoade Island Red
1 Black Asterlorpe
1 Barred Rock

My duck was a Rowen
Oh and we had some Indian Runners that did not make it. :)

I wish I could have a rooster to protect my hens! We can't have them here in our nieghborhood!

Depressing and I feel terrible!
I pray this year will be different!

Peace and Love,