Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Amazing Girl!!

My family is beginning the rounds of graduations we are celebrating this year. My second born is among them!!!

But last night belonged to my lovely and amazing niece. I am so proud of her!!! She graduated last night from her small Christian school with all her family and friends cheering her on.

She gave a speech that gave all the glory to God for how He has turned her life around. Tears were everywhere.
You see my beautiful niece was born to a mother who loved drugs more than she loved her children and she let them all slip away from her as she focused on her next high. For many years this sweet girl made the rounds in the foster care system until God brought her to my brother's home. This was where God began to do his mighty work in her heart. And now she is firmly His child and firmly anchored in out hearts as well!!!

Eight years ago my niece joined our family feeling like nothing but "leftovers" in her words and now she is a child of the KING!!!

Last night I wept with sadness at what my niece had to endure as a mere baby and with incredible joy at the amazing, beautiful, poised and vibrant young woman she has become. God has great plans for this young lady, I'm quite sure!!!!

My brother and my sister-in-love with their lovely girl:
My brother praying a blessing over his daughter:
What a fabulous evening it was!!!
Congratulations sweet girl!!!!

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momto9 said...

What an amazing story!