Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Special Find

I did a little garage sale/treasure hunting this weekend. Honestly, I do much better treasure hunting at thrift stores instead of garage sales but every once in a while I give garage saling a try. I had heard that there was a HUGE community sale in a fairly wealthy area in a neighboring town last weekend. I decided to give it a shot. Well, Ruthie and I drove around and didn't find the Huge sale but we did find plenty of regular garage sales. We found some good clothes and some pretty baskets for cheap - but still no great finds. After an hour of getting in and out of the car we decided to call it day.

We saw one more sign and agreed to drive by. As we slowly made our way past the driveway we both gasped at the same time and I made a quick stop. We looked at each other and dived out of the car and quick stepped right up to the home. They were packing up but welcomed us to look around. We knew exactly what we wanted to see!! The ladies were selling their Depression Glass!!! Depression Glass still for sale at the END of a busy garage sale day!!!

So for a few bucks I got two new special treasures!! I love depression glass - especially the green and pink and I ended up with two pieces that I have never even seen before - complete with bubbles in the glass!!! So pretty!!!!

Hope your day is filled with treasures!!!!

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Cinnamon said...

Beautiful. I love your collection~