Thursday, April 26, 2012


My, did we have a grand time on our adventure!!  Exploring new places is always the first part of business on an adventure and that's just what we did.
 We found an old, working grist mill (that was not only super cool but amazingly beautiful)
 The people who run it give visitors fresh ground wheat or corn to try
This old covered bridge was part of the romance of this stop on our trip.
And of course - when on an adventure taking note of the animal life in the area is important!
As well as the plant life.
Observing the weather conditions is always necessary!
And...visiting an active volcano is always, always included in any good adventure!!!
Don't they look like good adventurers?

We visited Mt St Helens - a place that truly shows off the powerful hand of God!!!  Stunning in it's beauty and power!  We also hung out in a tiny town that we just fell in love with - they were having a tulip festival and Lilac Days at the same time - such fun.  The surrounding farmland was lovely and inspired us to think about where we want to raise the rest of our family - something we are praying about! :)  All in all a successful Adventure!!!!



Lady Farmer said...

I love that old grist mill. We have been there a few times. I've blogged about it too, some time back. (A little caution ~ when you use your flour, be sure to check for pieces of mill stone! ;~P)
My daughter and I are going to the Hulda Klager Lilac gardens this week! So beautiful and so fun! It has been our 'girls' day out' tradition for many years!
We really enjoy visiting Mt. St. Helen's, too! We try to get there once every year. Hubby especially enjoys the large herds of elk we see occasionally down in the valley.
Sounds like you had a super fun 'Adventure'!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Very fun!
The tulip and lilac festivel sounds beatiful!

I can't believe how big Niomi is getting!

I have always wanted to visit that grist mill. Our Self Reliant group has taken field trips there but I have not been able to go!


Kristin said...

My children LOVE adventures! How fun and exciting for you! I lived in Wyoming when Mt. St Helen erupted...way back when...lOl
And the volcanic ash traveled all of the way over to us.
It was crazy!

Have a lovely weekend!

Simply Stork said...

some of our adventures are headed to climb st helens soon...we must think alike :o)

what a neat adventure...had by all.


BECKY said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous trip, Christine! Too much fun!!
Hope all is well! 12 days til wedding #2...then rest and some free time!! Woohoo!!

Hugs and love to you,