Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This tire swing has been hanging from our tree for 17 years - one of the best, ever play things!!  The rope to hang that old tire was one of the best investments we made.  That old tire has provided hour upon hour of fun for all the kids - regardless of age - I've even seen, in the not to distant past, my 21 year old hitch a ride on the old thing!!

And the amazing thing - we've NEVER had an injury...
Until last Friday night...
When Sam took a tumble and his wrist could just not handle the whole weight of his fall...
And now the poor guy's summer is now looking vastly different than what he was thinking it was going to be...  And to make things just a bit more complicated the wrist he broke was his right one - I guess his left handed little brother will have to teach him how to get things done!!!
The blessing for me in the stressful time of injury is that my parents were in town - meeting their newest grand baby - having them here really helped me to keep calm (I don't do very well when ER visits are part of the day!!).  Thank you Mom and Dad!!!  (I knew there had to be a way to sneak a picture of baby into this post!!!)

We still love our old tire swing and I'm very sure it will see lots more days of wild and crazy fun (Sam will probably be back on it himself in a day or two!!).  Although, the mama in me wants to remind them to hang on tight when when going for a ride!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We have been so enjoying our babymoon!!  Time has gone so fast and now sweet baby is two weeks old!!  Hubby is going back to work tomorrow.

 I feel like I'm recovering slowly and feeling a tad frustrated over it.  Headaches and sore hips warn me when I overdo.  Hubby reminds me that I'm not getting back to "normal" as our family has changed (again) and we are finding a new normal (again) - and we don't need to be in a hurry! 

I'm soooo sleepy, Mama!

He just loves his new baby sister!!!

A few minutes of snuggling before bedtime
So we're not - in a hurry - that is.  I want to savor every moment.  To sit in the summer sunshine (rare as it is here :0)!!) and watch the kids play and enjoy the tiny one in my arms!!  To wrap wee one in my Moby and pull weeds in my garden with her next to my heart.  To take walks with the kids looking for treasures and having adventures while feeling Naomi's tiny breath on my neck.  To listen to the rain on the roof (and I'm sure there will be plenty here!!) and smell bread baking while I nurse sweet babe and the kids play Lego's on the floor!!  These are my hopes for the summer - to spend time soaking in the time with my family - to not feel hurried or stressed but the remember to enjoy these long, sweet days and not to wish them away in my rush to "get back to normal"!!!

Happy First Day of Summer,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


She's here!!!  Our newest addition has finally made her appearance and changed our family forever!!!  Naomi Martha arrived a week ago today.  I had planned on posting her picture right away but somehow snuggling and healing took over and I ended up being away from the computer far longer than I anticipated!!

She is a joy and a delight and we are incredibly blessed!!  I will write more about her arrival soon but for now my life is filled with warm puddles of curled up babies, two year olds who fall apart super easily, eager visitors and pure joy!!!


P.S. Did you notice I changed my blog name to Joy of 9?  I have been so excited to make that change!!! :0)