Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We have been so enjoying our babymoon!!  Time has gone so fast and now sweet baby is two weeks old!!  Hubby is going back to work tomorrow.

 I feel like I'm recovering slowly and feeling a tad frustrated over it.  Headaches and sore hips warn me when I overdo.  Hubby reminds me that I'm not getting back to "normal" as our family has changed (again) and we are finding a new normal (again) - and we don't need to be in a hurry! 

I'm soooo sleepy, Mama!

He just loves his new baby sister!!!

A few minutes of snuggling before bedtime
So we're not - in a hurry - that is.  I want to savor every moment.  To sit in the summer sunshine (rare as it is here :0)!!) and watch the kids play and enjoy the tiny one in my arms!!  To wrap wee one in my Moby and pull weeds in my garden with her next to my heart.  To take walks with the kids looking for treasures and having adventures while feeling Naomi's tiny breath on my neck.  To listen to the rain on the roof (and I'm sure there will be plenty here!!) and smell bread baking while I nurse sweet babe and the kids play Lego's on the floor!!  These are my hopes for the summer - to spend time soaking in the time with my family - to not feel hurried or stressed but the remember to enjoy these long, sweet days and not to wish them away in my rush to "get back to normal"!!!

Happy First Day of Summer,


klhiggins72 said...

Amen!! That is my prayer for you!

Valerie said...

Yes, ENJOY!!! Praying for your total recovery, praying that you have all of the help that you need and that you remember NOT to overdo it! :) If you are ANYTHING like I am, that will be the hardest part of your recovery...the not overdoing it. :)

Your hubby is a wise man...enjoy this new "normal" and your new little one.

Oh, the cider press that Brandon made...it was you that asked me about it, right? :) He didn't have any plans, just looked at several on line to get an idea and then ran with it...like I said, I am constantly amazed by this kid! :) He totally takes after his daddy, let me tell you...that is NOT a quality he got from me...I need set plans. :)

Enjoy the sunshine...while it lasts. Praying for many more days of it..as rare as that is around here. :)

Cinnamon said...

What a beautiful expression of your heart Christine ♥

She is already 2wks old?? Wow!! That did go fast. I look at Rosie as if she was just born last week. She's 4 1/2 months now :-)

What a sweet time to treasure tiny breaths on your neck. Cuddly baby in your arms. Nursing a wee one. All such sweet gifts.

Thank you for the pictures. I love seeing your beautiful Naomi and rejoicing with you.

p.s.I answered your food questions on my blog in the comment section. Wish I was there to chop and peel and visit over tea :-)

mommyx12 said...

She is precious. And there are some benefits to recovering slowly! You get to have more snuggle time with the little one!