Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This tire swing has been hanging from our tree for 17 years - one of the best, ever play things!!  The rope to hang that old tire was one of the best investments we made.  That old tire has provided hour upon hour of fun for all the kids - regardless of age - I've even seen, in the not to distant past, my 21 year old hitch a ride on the old thing!!

And the amazing thing - we've NEVER had an injury...
Until last Friday night...
When Sam took a tumble and his wrist could just not handle the whole weight of his fall...
And now the poor guy's summer is now looking vastly different than what he was thinking it was going to be...  And to make things just a bit more complicated the wrist he broke was his right one - I guess his left handed little brother will have to teach him how to get things done!!!
The blessing for me in the stressful time of injury is that my parents were in town - meeting their newest grand baby - having them here really helped me to keep calm (I don't do very well when ER visits are part of the day!!).  Thank you Mom and Dad!!!  (I knew there had to be a way to sneak a picture of baby into this post!!!)

We still love our old tire swing and I'm very sure it will see lots more days of wild and crazy fun (Sam will probably be back on it himself in a day or two!!).  Although, the mama in me wants to remind them to hang on tight when when going for a ride!!!



BECKY said...

Ohhh...I feel so bad for him! How wonderful that your parents are there to help out. What a comfort in those kinds of situations!!

Little Naomi is just sooo cute! I know you're having so much fun with her!

Little Hannah is doing great! She is almost 11 pounds now...those silly Drs. sometimes get ahead of themselves!!

Hugs to you sweet friend, and thoughts of sharing coffee together one day!!

Valerie said...

Poor guy! Glad your parents were there to help out. It's NEVER a good day when a trip to the ER enters your plans. {{{HUGS}}} Praying for a fun summer for him despite his injury.

Cinnamon said...

Oh Christine! Glad Sam is okay, well broken, but okay. Maybe he can get in some good hours of reading. Boy, he can't even play a video game can he?

So happy your parents were able to visit. What a sweet baby they came to hold too :-) Love all the baby pictures of her lately~

And how are you feeling? Up and around or resting (like you should be!) :-)


Farming On Faith said...

Oh you sweet dear Momma~you need a bubble bath and put your feet up.

Have a Happy~ uneventful~ 4th!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Christine,

I came by a while back and thought I left a comment....I guess not.

So how is you little guys are healing up? Well I pray.

You must be spending time with the new baby this summer.....its been a while since you posted.

Peace and Joy,

Cinnamon said...

It's been waaay too long since I've heard from you! Hope all is okay and you're just one busy Mama :-)

Been thinking about you and came over to find your homemade yogurt recipe. John loves yogurt and seems to be eating it faster than I can buy it :-) LOVE having him home.