Monday, August 9, 2010

Yarny Fun!!

Every summer I plan to sit in the backyard and watch the kids play in the pool and knit summer into dishcloths to use all winter:
This summer though there has been very little pool play:
This weekend my clothesline was not in use - but my knitting needles and crochet hook were!!
I finished up my wrap:
And I'm pleased with the results!! I think I'll be enjoying it lots the rest of the summer !! :0)
And I started a new project:
For my sister's baby that will be making his or her appearance sometime in early October!! I can't wait to meet the little one - but until then I will be praying for the sweetie with every stitch on this lovely green blankie! And - oh my - the pattern I picked is already giving me fits!! I hope I get the hang of it soon!!
And even though there is not much sun this summer I knitted away this weekend!! There is something so nice about taking out a pile of bright new washcloths on a dreary, dark winter morning with the scent of summer still clinging to them. I get a little burst of joy when I bring those cloths out to tidy up my kitchen!!!
Blessed Monday!!


The Mayo Family said...

AWE! I love these projects!
I am you share the patterns? For the wrap? And on the knitted many rows do you do before you decress?
Beautiful colors!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I love your wrap! It is so cute!
I so miss my pool at my old house. I am praying we can talk My Brian into a pool next summer.
We had an in ground pool at our old home. I would just be happy with an above ground pool. We went my sisters today and floated in theirs. I love floating and watching the clouds~it is so refreshing to me.
You have a lovely summer's eve!
Blessings from HOT Missouri~