Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Blogger

I am a brand new baby blogger. My friends Simply Stork and Ross' Cottage inspired me to start this venture. I am rather computer backward so it may take me time to get the hang of things. I love my job as a Mom and homemaker so I hope this will be fun for me and anyone who stumbles across this blog.


Simply Stork said...

horrah did it :o)

When I first started my blog this is the background I funny is that?

My computer is down so I will check back in when I can(I'M checking from dayz house)

Have a great day...
smiles and belssings...


Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
Welcome to blogging!
I was just outside yesterday taking pictures of berries! I have been picking the shoestring ones a little bit each dayand freeze them, trying to get enough for a pie or two...(we are a 2 pie family) I am getting there. How is your garden. I left you a message on one of my blogs this week. In the next 2 weeks I am going to invite you and the kids for lunch. I have been looking foreward to it. Talk to you soon!