Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garden joy

One of my very favorite things to do is garden. This year I had to choose which gardens to concentrate on as morning sickness and my oldest son's graduation events sapped too much of my energy to work on both flower and veggie gardens. So I picked my veggie gardens to work on. I love providing good food for my family!!! I won't be showing any pictures of my flower beds (WAY to many weeds!!!) but I will give you a tour of my veggie garden.

This is where my garden gloves almost always end up.
Dirt feels so good!!!
Weed free after a long winter
Helping Mommy plant good things to eat.
One of the best things about gardening!!!
Waiting for things to grow!!
Yeah, things are comming up!!
Another fun thing about gardens!!!
My garden now!! Summer is here! Peas almost ready for harvest. Can't wait!!
Lettuce about to be picked for a yummy salad!!
One of the reasons I love to work in the garden so much is that my mind seems to go directly to God. It's a great time to meditate on Him - the beauty He made, His plan to provide for us from the beginning, how He carefully tends to me and my family like I carefully tend to my garden. He is so faithful and I feel very blessed to have this little patch of land to grow wonderful things!!
Mom of lots


Ross' Cottage said...

Hey there,
You are doing good with this new bloggng adventure! I love your pictures...your vegtable beds look great! I talked with hubby today and said that we really need to get a commitment going around here to get a nice garden space going next year. After all it is nearly free food! I have continued to pick my shoestring backberries...we are at about enough for 1 pie now but we really are a 2 pie family so I will continue to pick more. Hubby and the girls helped tonight.
I am off to bed..I am so tired tonight. Hope you are feeling well as you get closer and closer to your big day!

Simply Stork said...

oh to have a little patch of have inspired me to get out and get some weed pullin done...I have no excuse :o)


momoflots said...

Hi Ross',
You are right. Veggie gardening is very rewarding with nearly free food. With your sawmill and wood, making raised beds would be fairly easy to start!! I love knowing that I can get healthy food and not even leave the house!! You have made me hungry for blackberry pie!! (We are also a more than one pie family)
Mom of lots

momoflots said...

Hey Simply,
I am blessed with my patch of earth!! I like weed pulling!! I just dislike getting all the thick grass out of my flower beds (that is why there will be NO pictures of them!!) I am going to pull everything out of my flower gardens in the fall and just start over completely!! Way to much grass has crept in. Have a great day!!
Mom of lots

Heather said...

Found you through Simply Stork by way of SITS...amazing how the blogging network works, isn't it?

Your blog is adorable! Oh, that sweet baby Esther...

I love to garden, too. We live in a subdivision, and whenever we plant flowers out front, I always say a prayer that when people stop to admire the beauty, God will help them see His hand at work. Now my daughter says the same prayer with me when she helps (she's 8), and it's so adorable.