Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Headed Out

Packing to leave - getting things in order - taking care of details has been the main focus of our second born the last few days.  And as a result - the focus of the Dad and Mom of the the house too.  Although with many of the little ones still sick - a lot of my focus has been on on helping the poor little ones feel better, too. (But praise God - they woke up this morning just fine!!!)
The big day finally arrived and this morning Daniel put his stuff in the back of the van.
And off we went to the airport.
There we waited with him - until that difficult moment of saying goodbye.
We watched him go through security - and disappear into the depths of the airport that non-travelers are not allowed.
And off to Thailand he goes.  

My heart aches right now - which is something not uncommon to moms of older children, I'm sure!!  Goodbyes just are not fun.  But I know Daniel is seeking to follow God.  And while I am apprehensive because my Mama's heart is having a hard time letting go, I am excited for him.  Two days ago he turned 20 years old!!  I just don't know where the time went!!!  Somehow, here we are - just having sent him off to be a missionary to a foreign land - to work for God in a distant place.  My head and heart are having a hard time getting around the idea that he could possibly be old enough for this - and yet - he is.   And now - I am sooo looking forward to our next trip to the airport to pick him up - sometime - in 6 months or a year - only God knows that answer to that!



Valerie said...

Christine, you know I'm praying for your mama's heart and for Daniel! What an amazing adventure he is on, but I know all too well how hard it can be on your mama's heart. Praying that God would go before him, open doors, open hearts and bless him greatly as he so selflessly serves the people and the Lord in Thailand! My nephew's father's family is from Thailand....so many there are SO lost! Praying that your Daniel can touch every heart he ministers to and that God would use him in a mighty way!

Praying for you too....it's hard to watch them grow up and leave for whatever reason. I still struggle to wrap my mind around my nearly 22 year old being as old as he is and serving our country! Where did time go?

{{{HUGS}}} Thank you for your continued prayers for my family and my son. We will be praying for you and your son as well! Can't wait to hear about Daniel's adventures and ministry...keep us posted. :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Your son will be in my prayers for a safe trip and a good time while he is away!

My oldest graduates in June from High School! I have yet to experience the empty nest thing!
I'm sure it will be hard!

Peace,Love and Prayers,

Kristin said...

Welcome to Sweet Country Life and...
It's so nice to "meet" you!

I have gone down this same road with my daughter....only her trip and time was in Taiwan.

Have loved reading some of your older posts and getting to know you better.
Have a beautiful day!
Love, Kristin