Thursday, March 22, 2012

It was too Wet to Play

On that cold, cold wet day...
 And no the Cat in the Hat did not come to play - but I did have to get creative.  The weather has been terrible wet and grey - with snow mixed in, to boot.  Signs of Spring have been hard to find.
So I got some paper and ribbon and borrowed my daughter's paper cutter and got busy.
And made a Spring decoration.  All in my favorite colors.  And boy, did it spruce up the place!!  (And believe it or not, that picture was taken in the middle of the day - see how dark it is in the window - grey, grey, grey!!)
I like these pennants so much I think I want to make some with fabric next - but for now - my pretty paper decorations are bringing a bit of Spring to my home.  And guess what?  The weatherman says we may have sunshine this weekend!!  Yay!!  Time to dig out my garden gloves!!  Whoo-who!!  Can you tell we're excited - sunshine - I can hardly wait!!!



Valerie said...

Lovely! The nasty wet days and snow we've had have really gotten to me too. I am ready for spring, sunshine and new growth in my yard! It cannot happen fast enough, it seems. SO excited to see the sunshine today! I'll be hanging clothes on the line, and hopefully getting my hands in the dirt in my greenhouse. Yay! Might even plant peas in the garden, who knows.

Enjoy your sunshine! :)

Lady Farmer said...

Thanks for dropping in today, Christine!
The sun finally peeked out today, and I want to get outside so badly, but I need to get a little sewing done for grandbabies. Hoping I get three little dresses finished ~ maybe for them to wear Easter Sunday! If the weather is fair, I'd like to get some more plants seeded in the greenhouse. And like Valerie above ~ maybe get those peas in the ground.
Love your banners! Just some little touches like that sure does welcome Spring into our homes, doesn't it? And your vintage canning jars on the mantle are great! (Love that picture by Robert Duncan, too! It's my profile pic.)

Simply Stork said...

oooo it does look like spring lovely :o)


Cinnamon said...

I like your decorations. Very festive and springy :-) I think I'd like to make those out of fabric too.

We've had beautiful weather here. BEAUTIFUL!! Tonight John and I went on a walk with Rosie in her stroller. Oh it was lovely. The cool evening air.

Soon it will be sunny there and you'll be out in your garden :-)

p.s. thank you for your sweet anniversary comment :-)