Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching Up

Goodness - it's been a while since I visited my own blog!  We've had a busy last week or two!  Hubby went out of town - to Dallas - on a business trip all last week.  I have to confess that I don't function all that well when my sweetie is gone (I don't know how you do it Cinnamon!)  It's just sorta survival mode around here when he's away!  I will say that usually do better but this time I went into his trip not feeling at all well!!  Something about feeling very queasy most all day and very, very in need of a nap (or two) during the day...can you guess :0)?!!!!  But home, my honey, came on Friday night and we got to pick him up at the airport with hugs all around - it was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday!!

We had a lovely weekend just being together.  Ruthie and I got to go to a wonderful vintage craft type fair together and had so much fun being inspired towards making homemaking into an art!!!  The things people can do with buttons, bits of fabric and string!!  :0)!!

Our weekend was topped off with a beautiful, Godly fun wedding of a young man my boys have grown up with.  Oh, the bride was so beautiful - the ceremony was simple, lovely and God filled and the reception was so much fun!!!  Then our family went for a Sunday afternoon ride - to see all the fall colors and the snow dusted peaks of our Cascade Mountains.  Fabulous!!  The only downside to this whole weekend - I FORGOT my camera the whole time!!!!  Silly me!!!

So now I enter the week with my senses filled to the brim with lovely things and I'm ready to face this new week - wanting to glorify God with the job he has given me (with a few naps spinkled in :0)!!!)



Kimberly said...

I am guessing...hope you are well, and things are going better..Ben has been off work for a week, we are in week 2, and not seeing much improvement..

The Mayo Family said...

Oh yippie I am thinking...
pink or blue?
See it was making the blanket...:)
Praising God & praying for you!

Amy said...

I'm thinking congratulations are in order!!! Hope the yuckiness passes quickly. I know I was thankful for it to pass and be back to days of filling better as I tend to my other 8 children ages 11 to 1 yo. Exciting news and thanks for the update :)

Valerie said...

YAY!!! Congrats...if my guess is right. :) I am much like you, don't function well when my hubby is gone. I am continually amazed at how well Cinnamon does it...I've been where she is and am constantly amazed at her strength and ability to just keep going and trust.

Have a great week! I hope you share some of the things you've been inspired with..I have a bit to share myself on my blog from my weekend away. :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh how exciting! Another blessing sent from God!!

I too~hate it when My Brian is gone. It just seems like it is a free for all until Dad comes back home.
Have a good day~get lots of rest!

Fruitful Harvest said...

How exciting!
{I have been feeling sick and in need of a nap too,sadly we are not pregnant yet! :)}

Peace, Love and Joy,