Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

Up here in the Pacific Northwest sunshine is a rare treasure! And we have seen the jewel hanging in the sky for the last two days!! Once my eyes adjusted to the brightness I began to see that my Fall window washing chore was badly needed!! That sun pouring in the windows was showing up all kinds of nasty stuff - dust, fly spots and I think - gasp! - even maybe - food (don't read that part Mom!!). So today I got busy and washed all those windows clean (there are eleven of them!!). And Wow!! what a difference it made in light coming in!!

I got to wondering what kinds of icky spots show up when the light of Jesus shines on me and what a difference it makes when I am willing to let Him get busy and clean them up!!!

Also today I got another kind of vision boost. On most days I feel pretty young - chasing around an excessively active one year old. It's easy for me to forget that my oldest is nearly 20 years old!!! But, alas, there are parts of my body that are very willing to let me know they are not as young as they used to be. My eyes are one of those parts. So today I got glasses - progressives. I am told I will get used to them. Right now as long as I am sitting still they seem to work. When I start moving around - as I am wont to do - caring for that one year old - wowie - the ground seems to move too!! So today I can now see clearly - according to the eye doctor!!
Hope your day is sunshiney bright too!!!